Walk, spot, photograph and recreate…

Welcome! I am Bron, a nature artist inspired by my local wildlife, botany and landscapes. I draw in a realist style with pen and watercolour. I paint in an impressionist style with acrylic on canvas. You will find a varied collection of birds and landscapes on my website, but I am also proficient in drawing most wildlife. The process of walking in nature, observing and photographing, and then using those images to inspire a painting or drawing is one that gives me much satisfaction.

When you buy a piece of my artwork, know that it’s imbued with that journey. I hope it will bring you even some of the pleasure I experienced creating it.

I have been avidly drawing all my life and tend to develop obsessions – horses during childhood, life drawing and figures as a young adult, birds as an adult and now all things nature! I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of North Central Victoria. There are so many bird and wildlife species to see and many landscapes to explore!

Enjoy and thanks for looking. I am available for commissions and have created pen and watercolour portraits of birds, dogs, horses and more. Contact me here or DM me on my social media accounts if you’re interested in commissioning a piece for yourself or a special person.


‘Little Feature (Oct Nov)’, Aspire Gallery, Paddington, QLD – https://www.aspiregallery.com.au/little-feature


‘Swiss Italian Landscape Prize’, Radius Art Space, Hepburn, VIC

‘Winter Exhibition’, Market Building, Castlemaine, VIC

‘Little Feature (July Aug)’, Aspire Gallery, Paddington, QLD

‘Rotary Art Show’, Castlemaine Town Hall, Castlemaine, VIC

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